November 2012

Acuity showcases STAR at the 2012 AAMC Annual Meeting in San Francisco
The Association of American Medical Colleges had their annual meeting, where there were over 4000 attendees!  Acuity is a first-time presenter.

March 2012

University of Alberta Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences signs with Acuity to implement STAR!
Acuity welcomes a new non-medical faculty to the family of STAR clients.  This new partnership will aid to extend the already rich functionality of STAR and enhance Acuity's ability to serve non-medical clients.

February 2012

Acuity Welcomes new Account Manages: Samy Missaoui
Acuity is growing, and we are expanding our team to better serve our existing and new clients!  Samy Missaoui brings several years of experience implementing large-scale ERP systems around the world.

November 2011

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) signs with Acuity to implement STAR!
The prestigious University of Toronto Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) – recently signed with Acuity to implement STAR faculty-wide. OISE intends to leverage STAR’s rich functionality to improve data capture, visibility, tracking and reporting. The University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine has been a long-term customer of STAR. Acuity is privileged to extend its partnership with the University of Toronto and include OISE as a valued STAR customer.

October 2011

Acuity Hosts Client Appreciation Event and STAR User Forum – Oct 25 & 26
Acuity customers from across Canada gather in Ottawa for a Customer Appreciation Event and STAR User Forum. Highlights include user-to-user interaction, roundtable discussion and customer presentations on best ways to leverage STAR as a central Activity Tracking & Reporting solution for the faculty environment. Acuity also presents its corporate strategic plan, STAR product roadmap, and STAR future release schedule. A wine & cheese rounds out the event.

May 2011

Acuity Presented STAR 5.2 at the Annual CAURA conference in Ottawa
CAURA (Canadian Association of University Research Administrators) invites over 400 research administrators from across Canada to take part in its annual conference.  This is Acuity’s first year as an exhibitor.

Acuity Launches New Website
The new website takes advantage of the latest web technologies to create a modern look and feel, showcasing Acuity’s advancements as a company.

March 2011

Acuity releases Several New Administrative Functions in STAR
New administrative features will make updates to menus more user-friendly and will allow clients to train new administrators more efficiently.

STAR is now on SQL 2008
Acuity will be leveraging advanced features in SQL 2008 to create a more robust system that will provide better page response times in a loaded environment due to optimized database indexing.  This will also allow use of SQL Reporting Services.

January 2011

Acuity Welcomes Back Product Manager Maya Phansalker
Maya has three years of experience at Acuity and brings with her knowledge of most of Acuity’s clients.  She will resume her role as product manager, designing new features and helping to further the product.

November 2010

Release of New Report Mapping Feature
The new report mapping feature will allow clients to view mapping details for their STAR reports.  This will provide administrators and executives the insight into their reports needed to provide training to new users and also make meaningful modifications to their reports much more easily.

October 2010

University of Manitoba Purchases Faculty Wide Site License of Acuity’s STAR software
The University of Manitoba has been a long time client of Acuity’s, using STAR in six departments within the Faculty of Medicine.  The whole faculty will now adopt Acuity’s STAR program in a move to leverage the common CV granting application module as well as the new STAR 5.0 user interface, while unifying the CV reporting standard across the faculty.

Acuity Welcomes New Chief Operating Officer Eid Eid
Eid brings with him over 25 years experience in software development and management.  He spent nine years heading up R&D at Corel.  He has also spent time at McKesson in France, leading up the R&D group to modernize their clinical healthcare software.