Products & Services

Staff Activity Tracking & Reporter (STAR)

Designed and built in Microsoft’s most current .NET development environment for the unique needs of academic medical departments, STAR supports the flexible capture, analysis and reporting of school members’ teaching, research, administrative, academic clinical and personal activities throughout their careers. The Application's main elements include:

  • User Administration (self serve account creation)
  • Unlimited configurable user classes to govern data visibility / edit rights at the appropriate organization level and for the appropriate management functions including: Professor, Department Head, Division Head, Hospital Administrator, etc.
  • File upload capability (to support paperless application processes)
  • Online help customization
  • Bulk Editing of records
  • Search capability

Faculty Appointment Tracking

A web based application module designed to support and streamline the physician appointment process within a single hospital or a region.  This allows clients a smooth Evolution to a paperless appointment/reappointment forms based process. This feature includes:

  • Questionnaire (format, style, logo etc.)
  • Re-appointment workflow
  • Integrated Approval process
  • Status checking

Registration / Enrollment

A web-based workflow driven application module designed to support and manage student registration and ongoing administration to Post Graduate Medical Education (PGME).  The STAR PGME module enables administrators to import new resident information via the CaRMS import or input information directly.  Through STAR, administrators can appoint new or returning residents either in bulk or individually.  STAR provides all residents with an online, forms-based registration tool and provides a checklist to keep residents informed of their application status.

Main elements include:

  • CaRMS Import capability
  • Resident Administration
  • Email system compatibility
  • Process tracking checklist
  • Leave information tracking
  • Application review/approval  process

Professional Services

Software Development

Our Professional Services team is committed to providing software development expertise and tools to successfully integrate a solution into your work environment.

We understand the complexities and challenges of data management in medical and academic institutions and can customize a software solution that will match your unique needs.

From set-up and configuration, to customization, implementation and training, we can maximize results and ensure your satisfaction with a solution built on time, within budget and to your specifications.

Customization Services

Every client has a unique workflow process and reporting needs. Our Professional Services team will help you identify the best solution for your requirements, build prototypes and test the enhancements in order to bring your customizations securely online.

Example customization services include:

  • Custom reports
  • User interface enhancements
  • 3rd party integrations
  • New features

Implementation Services

By leveraging the best practices from industry standards and leveraging our extensive experience from previous deployments, Acuity will help make sure your installation is optimized to meet your goals.

Our implementation specialists have broad experience developing, installing, and customizing solutions, and a proven track record of successful engagements.

For more information on Acuity’s Professional Services please contact us at:

Data Conversion Services

Acuity is experienced in converting your existing data into the STAR system seamlessly.  Our team has converted data from a variety of proprietary and industry standard database and file systems.  This will greatly reduce the amount of manual input of data into the STAR system, and help STAR gain a quick foothold in the organization.

Data Entry Services

As part of our implementation services, Acuity offers complete CV data entry for all clients. Clients can provide the data entry staff themselves or take advantage of this service offering through Acuity, or a combined effort.  To date, most clients (80%) have chosen to use our data entry services in some capacity.

Benefits to using Acuity data entry include:

  • Experienced STAR CV data entry clerks - have worked with other clients and can navigate through medical CV's very efficiently
  • Can meet client defined timelines - scalable as per client needs
  • Acuity data entry clerks have direct, real-time support from Acuity STAR personnel
  • Eliminates significant client management/overhead/administrative tasks
  • Simple; You can simply email all the CV's in bulk and we can enter the data for you and provide structured updates along the way
  • Clients do not need to provide space, management, a PC, or supervision.
  • When physicians see the system for the first time it is complete and up to date